Identity Rebranding

Your brand identity is both the face and voice of your company.  An important starting point for potential customer interactions.

We work closely with our clients to develop their unique brand identity and message from A to Z.  Industry research, client surveys, and years of experience guide us in our pursuit of creating brands that stand out from the rest.  Our approach to branding focuses on working with clients to develop key company elements, such as :

  • Clear brand message to target audience
  • Logo that conveys brand message and represents relevant industry
  • Corporate coloring that is distinct to brand and in-line with logo and philosophy
  • Stationary that supports and strengthens brand identity


Running an active and engaging marketing campaign demands a consistent outflow of creativity to fuel a fresh supply of brand-aligned designs and messages to support your efforts.

Let us take the work out of managing your marketing strategies. We are able to provide reliable, consistent, and quality support for marketing campaigns.  From industry research and creative copywriting, to brand-aligned graphic design, we do it all.  We work with you to set clear goals, implement relevant strategies, and achieve real results.  Our integrated brand marketing services include :

  • Review and audit of marketing plans
  • Consultation on relevant marketing strategies
  • Brand-aligned graphic design
  • Creative copywriting
  • Media purchasing, printing, and placement
  • Marketing strategy management

Media Management

Marketing your business on social media can be an exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming task.  Time is money and efficiency is key.  Put your social media marketing campaign into our capable hands to take back your time without sacrificing the results that matter most

Finding the perfect photo or video for your post? No problem. Scheduling engaging campaign content that consistently captures your audience’s attention? That’s our job.  Apply valuable resources where they produce the best results? Done.  Analyze and evaluate campaign progress and make adjustments along the way? Of course.  With Lumata, social media management has never been more straightforward.  We provide our clients :with

  • Review and audit of social media campaigns
  • Consultation on relevant social media marketing strategies
  • Comprehensive planning, scheduling, and implementation of social media marketing campaign
  • Engaging, brand-aligned post content
  • Media and advertisement planning and purchasing
  • Consistent and reliable social media management
  • ROI analysis and reporting

Graphic &
Web Design

Every company wants to stand out from the rest. What sets one company apart from another? We believe that thoughtful and engaging graphic design has the power to connect with an audience in a significant way.  We are convinced that a beautiful and functional website opens the door to meaningful interaction with your customer base.

Insightful graphic design and a seamless web experience are key to setting your company apart from the competition.  We partner with each client to create designs that communicate brand messages clearly, beautifully, and effectively.  Lumata has the skill and expertise to bring your company’s media presence to a whole new level.  Our service selection includes :

  • Review and audit of website design
  • Consultation on website design
  • Domain and hosting purchasing
  • Planning, design, and creation of website
  • Creative copywriting for website content
  • Website management on a retainer basis
  • Graphic design per project or on a retainer basis
  • Consultation and planning for graphic design
  • Creative copywriting for graphic design content
  • Media purchasing, printing, and placement


Need help navigating the ever-changing landscape of business?  Looking to launch a new product or service?  Having trouble finding the right marketeer for your team?  Looking to strengthen your current marketing team?  1-word:  Lumata

Our team of marketing consultants are on-call to help you determine the direction of your company, recruit and train marketing personnel, and assist you in launching new products and services tailored to your target audience.  Our approach to marketing consultation is focused on providing you with the support that you need to strengthen and grow your business.  We have the know-how and drive to create, apply, and maintain successful marketing strategies that are custom-fit for you.  Our marketing consultation services include :

  • Review and audit of marketing plan and strategies
  • Consultation and planning of relevant marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Planning and campaign strategies for launching new products and services
  • Training for marketing team in important communication, listening, and networking skills
  • Recruiting, training, and management of new marketing personnel