About Us

Business is competitive. It’s difficult to stand out from the rest. Marketing is complicated. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Time is money, and I’m too busy. Mistakes are costly. Reaching potential customers is a puzzle. Success seems out of reach.

Do these statements ring true for your business? If your answer is a resounding “YES!”, then rest assured that you’re not alone. We are here to help.

We build engaging brands that stand out from the competition.
We communicate your brand message clearly.
We deliver a seamless customer interaction experience.
We help you convert consumers to paying customers.
We partner with you to make things happen.
We deliver real, measurable results.
We are passionate about what we do.
We are Lumata.

Lumata marketing firm was born on the island of Batam, Indonesia in 2012. Our passion is to see businesses take root, grow, and succeed. We take pride in being a part of this exciting process. Lumata provides creative, insightful, and professional brand marketing and consultation services that deliver real results. Our team of creative geniuses, experienced business gurus, and excited marketers are ready to help you advance your business today. Let us work with and for you – Lumata

The name
we live by

Deeper meaning often lies just below the surface.

The name Lumata is a combination of the words luma and mata. Luma signifies an intuitive, enlightened personality. An idealist. A dreamer. The word mata implies a focus on visual perception. The ability to see. At Lumata, we are a group of dreamers. We don’t just see what is, but envision what could be.

The colors we chose to represent our Lumata brand are no accident. The hues of deep blue represent deep feeling and depth of thought. Our choice of peach red communicates the sweet, smooth taste of fresh fruit integrated with hot, fiery passion and motivation. At Lumata, we go deep; a well of creativity that doesn’t run dry. We deliver refreshing results driven by the fiery motivation and passion we feel for our work.

Why Choose

Why Choose Lumata?

Running a business is complicated. At Lumata, we keep things simple. We believe that an effective working relationship should have clear expectations, frequent communication, and be honoring to all. Every Lumata client can expect the following :

  • Dedicated WhatsApp group for client/project communications
  • Committed point person for every client to voice questions, concerns, etc.
  • Focused interview session and relevant market research before creative process begins
  • Deadlines clearly set
  • Deadlines consistently met
  • Clear and respectful communication
  • Contract for projects done on a retainer basis
  • Prompt invoicing with relevant terms and conditions applied
  • Passion and creativity in all of our work
  • Quality results driven by insight and experience