Batam Eye Care

The presence of good health facilities is a sign that a city is already living in an adequate standard of health.

It isn’t however, enough for it to just be in a single area. A good healthcare facility certainly needs to pay more attention to other aspects such as completeness of equipment, the presence of professional staff, and of course the identity of the clinic or hospital.

It is this identity that makes Lumata proud to present the Batam Eye Care Clinic. This eye clinic, which is currently being developed into an eye hospital, was formed to become a special eye referral hospital in the city of Batam

Armed with our experience in building an identity, we built Batam Eye Care with a combination of elegant, luxurious, and professional concepts. Which includes complete hospital facilities and professional staff, combined with a comfortable and elegant feel that makes visitors feel the hospitality

  • Client Batam Eye Care
  • Date March 15, 2022
  • Tags Hospital
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