Buana Home

Buana Home is one of the companies that provide one stop service in the city of Batam. Not only providing interior design services, Buana Home also provides professional services in the form of renovation services, solar panel installation, smart home systems installation, Metaphysic services in the form of feng shui consultations, Property agents, Custom furniture, Construction services, road and culvert construction and many more.

With that amount of services, an identity is needed that can cover all services under one roof. Lumata was chosen by Buana Home to carry out the task. Armed with 15 years of experience in the branding agency field, Lumata sees Buana Home’s needs as a challenge that must be conquered.

An elegant logo that reflects all Buana Home services is prepared in detail so that no service from Buana Home is missed. A logo was created with elements of the name Buana Home with a touch of architectural lines by forming a circle that describes the Buana Home business that serves all around services. This logo is also the foundation for the Buana Home business to be increasingly known among the public and is also the main choice for all construction needs in the city of Batam.

A derivative of the logo is also prepared to support all Buana Home activities so as to create consistency from the identity that has been prepared. Various information that Buana Home wants to convey has also been prepared in interesting but elegant social media content and provide education to the public about the importance of consulting professionals regarding construction.

  • Client Buana Home
  • Date March 5, 2022
  • Tags Construction, Interior & Exterior Design
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