Central Hills

Built by a well-known developer from the city of Batam, Central Group. Central Hills was established to provide a new experience in a housing for the people of the city of Batam. Built in a strategic area in Batam Center, Central Hills offers modern housing with a touch of a smart home system. The natural feel in each cluster is an additional attraction for city dwellers who yearn to feel the natural nuances of their living environment.

This large and ambitious project requires the support of an identity that matches the various facilities offered so that it requires professional intervention to build an identity for Central Hills. Central Group, with confidence and without a doubt, puts full trust in Lumata to build the identity of this magnificent residence. Armed with nearly 15 years of experience in the branding agency, Lumata created an iconic logo for Central Hills. The butterfly logo depicting the closeness between housing and nature is made with a bold touch of luxury. The sophistication of the smart home system offered by Central Hills is also inseparable from Lumata’s attention. This is shown by highlighting this advantage in every marketing tool that has been prepared by Lumata to support the sales process carried out by the Marketing Central Group team.

All needs starting from the completeness of office equipment and also marketing tools wrapped with the Central Hills identity made the confidence of the Central Group increase and of course had a positive impact on the unit sales process which ran out in a short time.

  • Client Central Hills
  • Date March 5, 2022
  • Tags Construction, Residential
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