Fume Store

Running a tobacco business will not be complete if you only produce quality cigars to be enjoyed by the masses.  Tobacco fans also need various types of accessories to support their specialty hobby.  Fume Store was created to meet these unique needs.

Fume Store, a subsidiary of Intabac, exists to fulfill each and every need of cigar enthusiasts globally.  Currently, Fume Store supports the US cigar industry with multiple quality products and accessories.

Offering a full and extensive range of world-class cigar accessories is a great start, but Fume Store also needed a strong brand identity to highlight their business in the global marketplace.  For this reason, Intabac entrusted Lumata to create an exclusive brand identity for Fume Store.  Fume Store’s iconic logo clearly describes the scope of services provided by the company.  In addition to this, several Fume Store accessories will be specially marked with the Fume Store brand identity in order to further emphasize the quality offered.

  • Client Fume Store
  • Date May 20, 2022
  • Tags Products