Tobacco business competition in the world is very competitive. Abundant natural resources and quality human resources are of course the main concerns of tobacco business players.

Intabac, as a tobacco producer, especially for cigar products based in the USA, realizes that there is one more thing that is needed to be the center of attention among the many other tobacco companies in the world.

Intabac, decided to use Lumata’s ideas and creativity to be able to provide an identity that will make the intabac brand more known and taken into account in the tobacco business

The logo shaped in the shape of a lion depicts Intabac as the ruler, the foremost, and the best in the tobacco business. The presence of a cigar in the lion’s mouth, further confirms the superiority of Intabac in every cigar product they produce.

This identity is what Intabac always uses in every media used in promotions, as well as the need for all administrations of the company to strengthen the position of the logo’s identity to the world.

  • Client Intabac
  • Date March 5, 2022
  • Tags Products
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