Globally, France is known being the home of some of the world’s best bakeries and their incredible pastry recipes with everything from croissants, eclairs, macarons, and cruffins.

The unique qualities of French cuisine is also shown through the location of the restaurants or bakery which are known to be very comfortable so as to make its visitors feel at home.

These are the things that guided us in creating an identity for Lacie Patisserie. An identity that possessed a French feel to help shape Lavie into its new identity that reflects the owner’s character who had sought to create a business that sets itself apart and become the number one option for residents of Batam who wants to experience not only the flavors of French pastry, but also the atmosphere and feel of a patisserie.

  • Client Lavie
  • Date March 15, 2022
  • Tags Food & Drink, Restaurant
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