Prince Bakkwa

Barbeque Pork which is a typical food from China, is a processed meat product made with selected meat and a hygienic packaging process. This is an option for Prince Bakkwa in running this packaged food business.

Lumata provides an identity taken from the Qing dynasty era to emphasize that Prince Bakkwa actually brings authentic flavors to Bakkwa fans from all walks of life.

The packaging that is easy to carry and hygienic and also with a touch of traditional Chinese graphics is the advantage that Lumata gave to Prince Bakkwa to make Prince Bakkwa even more memorable as one of the pioneers in the ready-to-eat packaged meat F&B business in Indonesia.

Support in the form of social media management also did not escape Lumata’s attention to further strengthen the position of the Prince Bakkwa brand in the midst of competition for packaged meat products.

  • Client Prince Bakkwa
  • Date March 22, 2022
  • Tags Products
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