Take Barli

An F&B business located in Jakarta that has an interesting product in the form of chimney cakes – a culinary heritage from Hungary. Take Barli entrusts their company’s branding to Lumata to be able to implement Take Barli’s ideals to become a role model in the F&B business, especially in the field of European cakes.

Lumata captures all the needs and desires of Take Barli and provides a response in the form of a new concept that has never existed before. Lumata combines the advantages of Take Barli which brings a European feel with its chimney cake combined with a touch of modern Japanese style which is a refreshing combination for the F&B market in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

With this new concept, Lumata brought Take Barli to the national market and became one of the most calculated F&B businesses and invited many parties to know more and get to know Take Barli as a pioneer in the concept of combining cultures in F&B.

  • Client Take Barli
  • Date March 22, 2022
  • Tags Food & Drink, Products
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