Vimage Design

Assessing an interior design company, of course, is not an easy matter for some people. Especially people who are not familiar with the world of interior design. The quality shown by an interior design company must be represented with a strong identity and show the characteristics of the company.

Vimage knows this and entrusts it to Lumata. Lumata captures Vimage’s need for this identity, and produces a logo that is formed from the letter V as the identity of Vimage, and is equipped with hard and bold line elements that show a strong architectural side.

It is this identity that is passed down by lumata to all aspects required by vimage. Starting from stationery to management of social media. Thus creating an identity that is now known to the public as Vimage Interior Design

  • Client Vimage Design
  • Date March 5, 2022
  • Tags Construction, Interior & Exterior Design
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